Matthew P. Cody, CPA

Senior Accountant

Joined the firm in 2007, Graduate of UW La Crosse

As a member of the tax team, Matt serves individuals and businesses.

Advice He Received

Everyone tells you that you'll learn a lot throughout your internship and they are 100 percent correct. An internship brings you real-life experience beyond the classroom, which can be challenging at first, but as you gain the knowledge needed to be successful, you begin to grow into the position. My internship with RitzHolman was a valuable and rewarding experience.

Advice He Offers

When you are interviewing with potential employers, inquire about professional development. Here, our continuing professional education is paid for and we are able to improve our communication skills through speaking engagements. Also, when you are meeting with firms, try to get a sense of the firm's culture because it's important to enjoy your job and who you're working with.