Matthew S. Rios, CPA


Joined the firm in 1997, Graduate of UW Milwaukee

As a member of the tax and outsourcing teams, Matt works with businesses, trains employees and clients to use QuickBooks and performs HUD property audits. He also serves on the firm's marketing committee.

Why Accounting?

I love numbers. I always excelled in mathematics throughout my academic career so it was natural for me to choose accounting as my major in college. I really enjoyed my accounting classes and I believed that I would become a successful accountant.

Why RitzHolman CPAs?

You're entrusted with responsibility from the very beginning and involved in the whole process from the initial meetings to the field work to preparing the tax return. Plus, there's a closeness here that you won't find at a Big Four firm. The partners are here every day, and you work with them every day. There's a real opportunity to grow and develop; I was hired as a staff accountant, and now I'm a partner.